locked Re: RC 2.3.0 and MSK144 settings #IssueReport

Bill Somerville

On 09/12/2020 16:58, Randy Diddel wrote:
The setup:

K3s with CAT on a Mac mini running macOS Big Sur.

I thought I would try the RC in order to try and resolve the Pwr Slider jumping issue (which is not resolved) and now when I change to 2M and try to switch to MSK144, the VFO changes briefly to 144.150 and then in a second changes back to the frequency it was being changed from-in this case 144.200. The odd thing is that if I try FT8, it changes to 144.174 and it sticks. Same with FT4-it will stay on .170. The issue appears to be only with MSK144.

I hope this gets to the devs. I am willing to help by submitting logs, etc.

Hi Randy,

if the "Pwr Slider jumping issue" is the one where the Pwr slider is inverted on Big Sur, then that and the issue with automatic working frequency selection when going to MSK144 mode are fixed for the net release. Thanks for the issue report.


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