locked RC 2.3.0 and MSK144 settings #IssueReport

Randy Diddel

The setup:

K3s with CAT on a Mac mini running macOS Big Sur.

I thought I would try the RC in order to try and resolve the Pwr Slider jumping issue (which is not resolved) and now when I change to 2M and try to switch to MSK144, the VFO changes briefly to 144.150 and then in a second changes back to the frequency it was being changed from-in this case 144.200. The odd thing is that if I try FT8, it changes to 144.174 and it sticks. Same with FT4-it will stay on .170. The issue appears to be only with MSK144.

I hope this gets to the devs. I am willing to help by submitting logs, etc.


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