Locked W10 build 2004 and WSJT-X only showing the Windows Default audio device w/USB


WinVer: Windows 10 Pro v 19041.572 (build 2004)
WSJT-X 2.2.2 (it first occurred with 2.1)
Radios IC9100 and IC7610 both connected via USB.

Recently my list of WSJT-X audio devices went from several to only the one device set as the windows default audio devices.
Yet in FLDIGI and Winlink I can see all of my USB Audio Codecs (and other audio devices).

I can't figure out how this behaviour changed.  And it's made for quite a challenge in operating.  If I close WSJT-X for some reason I then have to change the Win def. device, open WSJT-X for the IC9100 or IC7610 then change the default device back.. and of course if I close both then I do this exercise twice.

I'm losing my freaking mind trying to solve this one.  One thing I haven't tried is using an older version of WSJT-X.  I've always installed each new release (presently v2.2.2).  I suspect this occurred after a Winoze update but I can't remember.  But i'm baffled why FLDIGI nor Winlink would not have this same problem.  I removed antivirus software, etc speculating it was a possibility but it didn't change anything which makes sense since I cannot duplicate the problem in FLDigi nor Winlink.  It has to be something in WSJT-X code and how audio devices are discovered?

Anybody else with this issue?  When did it begin?  I'm beginning to think I may need to submit it as a bug but not if i'm the only person.

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