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Jerome Sodus

Same here (for 5-dec-2020) with my company's locations in UK, France and Canada.
No confusion that way ever.
I still use that now even though retired.
73 jerry km3k 

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I am happy to make a change such that we follow the system region

settings for date and time formats in the Log QSO dialog, we would use

the short format for the date part. What do you folks think? If we are

to change to honouring the system regional format settings, my

preference would be to use the region setting short format for the date

part and a fixed hh:mm:ss 24-hour clock time format for the time part,

this is already the case for the contest and Fox log windows.








Does the system region date format allow for specification of date as per the UTC timezone, rather than the region’s timezone? I would second that the user configuration in done within WSJT-X as per Roger G4HZA’s suggestion. Maybe a limited subset:






5-Dec-2020 (with user’s language setting – if you can get that format?)


When I was working for a US company with teams collaborating between the US and UK, we quickly adopted the last format for any schedule discussions.



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