Locked Re: WSJT FT-8 Transmit watchdog unusual behavior

Henry Kiernan

understand this point. maybe a compromise is in order. limiting to 2 minutes is indeed annoying. keep in mind that if a station is working F/H mode then he/she is rare and lots of folks will be calling. in most cases it may take many minutes/hours to get through even for entirely legit hounds. how about raising the bar to say 10 minutes, which should defeat the non-attendees but not be overly burdensome to legit callers.

Hank  KF2O

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On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 02:08 AM, JP Tucson, AZ wrote:

Hi Hank,
Yes, "normal" - one of those very annoying "features" of wsjt-x; supposedly to "prevent it from becoming an automatic QSO machine".  
I don't find the non-adjustable watchdog timer in F & H mode at all annoying; IMO it's a very worthwhile function to have hard-coded in the WSJT-X software because if the timeout period was adjustable, as it is in standard FT8, then you can bet your boots that some inconsiderate Hound ops would set it so that they kept calling the Fox incessantly, whether or not they were in attendance of their system and whether or not they were copying the Fox.  Having the fixed and relatively short-duration watchdog timeout does help eliminate some of the potential QRM from stupid Foxes...  :-)

Martin G0HDB

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