Locked Re: Another casualty of MS update related to speaker output device.

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

Gosh!   I have the latest MS update for Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, running on an HP EliteBook 6930P, and have not suffered any of these issues.  Wonder why?

I'd suspect non-MS drivers being used, or those wonderful Driver Update applications which I believe are very poor.   I find the stock drivers from MS do work with all of my applications.  Thus everything seems solid and reliable.  

Question?   Has regular computer maintenance been done with the system?  I use an application {CCleaner which is FREE, although I use the paid version} to get rid of install bits and pieces of code, things leftover from programs being installed and later removed.  {The uninstall process often leaves things behind.} 

Bob, K4TAX

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