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Bill Somerville


you can substitute the WSJT-X ADIF log file with one of your choice, but as I said, you will not necessarily get the same results as WSJT-X does not tale account of QSL confirmations. Why do you want two different decode highlighting options, If JTAlert is doing what you want then turn off the WSJT-X internal highlighting.


On 23/11/2020 11:27, N2TK, Tony via groups.io wrote:

Thanks for the info. Is it possible to update the WSJT's log file with the
same ADIF file I used to update JTAlert?
N2TK, Tony

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On 23/11/2020 00:04, N2TK, Tony via groups.io wrote:
I am using both JTAlert and WSJT-X vers 2.2.2.
With JTAlert I have the following checked My call in message Wanted 
DXCC Wanted CQ Zone.
No issues with JTAlert. I get the correct colors when DX called out.

With WSJT I have the following checked My call in Message New DXCC on 
band New CQ Zone on band Transmitted Message

My issue is that I get lots of light purple (New DXCC on Band) for 
stations I have confirmed on that band.

One other issue. I am running DXBase with DXBase Bridge. When I work a 
call in WSJT it automatically logs in DXBase. Periodically, when I 
update LOTW I load my adi file from DXBase into JTAlert. That is 
probably why JTAlert alerts are fine. Do I need to do something like 
that with WSJT or is that even possible? I know, I should update to 
DXLab or something. Been too lazy to do that. Is there a way for WSJT 
to track the calls and status loaded into JTAlert?

N2TK, Tony
Hi Tony,

WSJT-X works only with its own ADIF log file. It has no knowledge or concept
of a confirmed QSO. It only deals in worked or not worked. 
Because of that you should be seeing less highlighting on WSJT-X than with
other tools that require confirmation to clear a needed thing. 
Although all methods should be ignoring a worked before call since if it has
not provided any confirmation then it is unlikely that working them again is
going to change that status.

If WSJT-X is highlighting a CQ decode as new DXCC on a band then you do not
have that DXCC worked on the current band in your WSJT-X ADIF log. 
The only caveat is if you have the "Settings->Colors->Highlight by mode" 
option checked, then you need to have worked a station in that DXCC Entity
on the current band, using the current mode, before that highlight is not


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