locked Re: Another casualty of MS update related to speaker output device.

Michael E Wilson Sr <ke5wct@...>

YES! last update removed all of my sounds systems and driver and disabled the desk top speaker. Took all day to get everything reinstalled and working with the right driver down loads. Thanks MS for the training drill!!!!

On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 2:14 PM Jacques Pecourt <jmp426@...> wrote:

Here is a new one for me.  Using an HP Elite 8200 SFF desktop with Win 10, I lost the ability to choose my output device in the System Sound setting.  For the longest time I simply right clicked on the speaker icon of the task bar, opened sound settings, used the down arrow to select the one I wanted  (the majority of the time Rigblaster required for WSJT ).  The down arrow no longer works, my only choice is Realtek HD that obviously does not work well using WSJT.  I found out by digging in other settings that I can re-enable the proper speaker by muting the wrong one and enabling the other one.

This is kind of complicated and time consuming just like having to go to the garage breakers box to find out how to turn the kitchen light On or Off.

Am I the only one that suffered this casualty?   I realize that this is not directly a WSJT problem although closely related to the use of this wonderful program.  Any help resolving what I have missed so far?


73,  Jacques W2/F2YS

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