locked Re: Yaesu FT-991A, WSJT-X and DXkeeper

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Have been trying to figure out if I can connect DX Keeper, WSJT-x and my 991A together. Do I have to have the Commander running, since it is being very difficult to connect to the radio and I am about to give up on commander.

+ Many FT-991A owners control their radios with Commander. Have you reviewed the step-by-step instructions in


+ and


+ (The FT-991A includes an internal SCU-17).

DX Keeper appears to be ok, as do DX View. But then I noticed that in keeper, the QTH is partly configured from the radio id in commander.

+ That's an option that enables you to log information about the transceive you employed to make each QSO.

Or if some one could point me to some specific details on getting the commander configured to access/control the FT-991A, then maybe I can get this thing running and move away from HR Deluxe. I have read some (alot) of the wiki files about setting things up, but with each paragraph I become a little more confused (and a little blinder). Any one got any suggestion?

+ I have sent you an invitation to join the DXLab Discussion Group, where all questions are welcome, no matter how many times they've already been asked and answered, or how obvious the answers might be in the documentation. If you find a section of documentation confusing, please report it; I'll explain it, and then improve the documentation to prevent future confusion.


Dave, AA6YQ

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