locked Re: Yaesu FT-991A, WSJT-X and DXkeeper

Bill Somerville

Mike and Neil,

this is rather biased advice. Although JTAlert is a great companion to WSJT-X, it is not necessarily the only way to log WSJT-X QSOs in DXKeeper.

I would recommend getting Commander working with your rig first, that way you have the full capabilities of DX Lab Suite if you need it. There's no reason to have your rig directly controlled by WSJT-X if you have something like Commander than can be used as a proxy rig controller. DX Lab Suite has great documentation, for example this article explains the steps to get Commander working with your rig:


once you have Commander controlling your rig, including PTT switching, all you need do in WSJT-X is select "Settings->Radio->Rig->DX Lab Suite Commander", "Settings->Radio->PTT Method->CAT", "Settings->Radio->Mode->Data/Pkt", and "Settings->Radio->Split Operating->Rig".

For logging QSOs you have at least a couple of choices, you can enable DX Lab Suite SpotCollector to communicate with WSJT-X, or you can use an intermediary application like JTAlert. Each route adds value but they are mutually excusive, try both and decide which suits your needs best.


On 22/11/2020 23:10, neil_zampella wrote:

To use DXKeeper with WSJT-X for logging, you need an intermediate bridge program.  You can use JT-Alert (which has very good DXKeeper integration), GridTracker, or SpotCollector from the DXLabs suite.

Unless you really need to use Commander to control the rig, you don't need Commander to use DXKeeper.

You may also want to look at this setup tutorial from the creator of DXLabs:


Neil, KN3ILZ

On 11/22/2020 5:02 PM, Michael E Wilson Sr wrote:
Have been trying to figure out if I can connect DX Keeper, WSJT-x and my 991A together. Do I have to have the Commander running, since it is being very difficult to connect to the radio and I am about to give up on commander. DX Keeper appears to be ok, as do DX View. But then I noticed that in keeper, the QTH is partly configured from the radio id in commander. Or if some one could point me to some specific details on getting the commander configured to access/control the FT-991A, then maybe I can get this thing running and move away from HR Deluxe. I have read some (alot) of the wiki files about setting things up, but with each paragraph I become a little more confused (and a little blinder). Any one got any suggestion?


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