locked Re: Added complexity when transmitting while multiple WSJT-X instances are running on a station with a shared TX resource with 2.3.0-rc2


As a follow-up, I have been informed this is not supported if you are using CAT control. I have no need for and do not use CAT on LF or MF, so I was unaware of that. It seems my "solution" may not work for most people. My apologies for not knowing the limitation before posting. It works well with my particular setup.


On 11/22/20 4:52 AM, N1BUG wrote:
Hi Clint, Bill, and all.
This was a really big and disappointing change for me as well. If there were no workaround it forced a complete rethinking of operating practices, but no matter how I thought about it I could not get around the concern that some QSOs could be missed if I couldn't have several instances running and instantly start transmitting with any of them. If you miss the first chance to call with 1800 second T/R periods that next opportunity is a long way off. The station may have quit or have other callers by then, or perhaps the propagation window is just too short.
Normally I am not one to solve a problem by adding additional software, especially non-free software. But I considered this mission critical. On a suggestion from VE7VV I installed VSPE from Eterlogic and that has solved the problem. I can now continue operating as I had been, with multiple instances open, freely switching between them for transmitting without worry about conflicts. I've configured a splitter in VSPE with my physical port, COM3 as input and output configured as virtual port COM5.
Paul N1BUG

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