moderated Re: Auto-sequence definately fouled up!

Bill Somerville

On 22/11/2020 06:03, JP Tucson, AZ wrote:
Again, the thing has lost its mind!

It is all over the place!!!

Sometimes, after a 73, it sends you back to an "R-xx" report, sometimes as the attached shows, it sends you back to the CQ call (TX1) that you just completed.

And sometimes it now just stops, it didn't do anything...!  It had tx enabled and should have went to CQ - TX6, instead it just hung up (stayed in RX/monitor mode & kept rx) even though the red - enable tx was on. I had to hit Halt TX (3 times!), then re-enable TX before it would do anything.

All cpu indications are clear, nowhere near limits on cpu or graphics, can start other programs (like gmail) & all works fine w/wsjtx running, until it loses its mind again a few cycles later.  I did a full shut down, 5 min., then restart, with nothing else running, it went crazy again after 3 cycles, that's when I snipped the image below.

Completed N6RCS, then it went back to calling N5CRS again on CQ, even though I selected K7KE
Had to manually reselect K7KE again, went thru & completed that QSO & it did it again, not shown in this snip.

It started off ok, but now its getting worse.

referring to "the thing" and "it" in your description of an issue is most unhelpful, nor do I have the faintest idea what actions you took in the exchange you describe. For example, did you log the QSO, if so at what point? Did you double-click the 73 response from your QSO partner or did the retransmission of your Tx1 message happen spontaneously? Do you have "Settings->Reporting->Prompt me to log QSO" checked? Do you have "Settings->Reporting->Clear DX call and grid after logging" checked? Do you have "Settings->General->Disable Tx after sending 73" checked?


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