Re: WSJT-X with IC-7000, Ubuntu, mhuxd, and a Digi Keyer II

Bill Somerville

On 21/11/2020 21:59, sd_wireless via wrote:
I am trying to get WSJT-X working with an IC-7000, Ubuntu, mhuxd, and a Digi Keyer II. At this point, rig control seems to be working fine. Where I am having problems is with audio.

One oddity I've noted appears to be driven by the choice of the "Rig" on the "Radio" tab. When I am running WSJT-X on Windows I select "Ham Radio Deluxe" as the "Rig" and the "Transmit Audio Source" on the "Radio" tab is available to me.

When I am running Ubuntu I am selecting "ICOM IC-7000" as the "Rig" and the "Transmit Audio Source" on the "Radio" tab is grayed and selected to "Front/Mic". The Digii Keyer II is also telling me the Mic is selected as the audio source. I know this because the "Line" light on the front of the device is flashing. When "Rear/Data" is selected (running on Windows and using HRD) the light is solid red, indicating the audio source is the rear data port.

Is there any way to get WSJT-X to allow me to select the "Rear/Data" port when the "Rig" is set to "ICOM IC-7000"?

Note, the behavior of WSJT-X and the Digi Keyer do not change regardless of the "Mode" setting on the IC-7000. They both function the same regardless of whether USB or RTTY are selected on the radio.

Icom radios do not have a regular CAT command to select the Tx audio source, it is normally dependent on rig menu settings and sometime on the mode selected (e.g. USB-DATA if available). The Tx audio source options in WSJT-X are enabled for rigs that have a different TX CAT command for different audio sources. These CAT commands are found on a few Kenwood rigs. With HRD as a rig control intermediary we do not concern ourselves what the rig being controlled is so we must allow for source selection whether it be functional or not.


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