locked Re: 2.3.0 rc2 Unexpected behavior

Reino Talarmo

Hi John,

I know that we cannot agree, but statement:


The only problem with your theory is that it (wsjtx) calls on you respond & log as it starts sending out the RR73 (TX4) message. 

implies something else should happen, most probably (wxjt-x) should not propose you to log the QSO. My question is when AUTO-sequencer should present to you a logging possibility?


User Guide reminds The RR73 message should be used only if you are reasonably confident that no repetitions will be required.

To me this indicates that some human being consideration is needed before you should log the QSO. On the SEMI-AUTO-sequencer point of view QSO is completed as 73 is sent. Should the logging window contain a reservation e.g.

By clicking the OK button you accept that you are confident that QSO is completed ALSO by both parties in this QSO!!!


The SEMI-AUTO-sequencer is not intended to be an intelligent robot, but a simple helping tool for operator!

If operator logs the QSO, then that sequencer does as instructed and considers QSO completed and a new double clicking on any call sign is considered to belong to another QSO attempt.


For human being there is a nice set of Next and Now buttons for behavior manual selection.


What you are suggesting can only be done manually, and this discussion is about the AUTO-sequencer not operating quite right.

It is really a question, which deviations from a straight through QSO message sequence should be covered. The current auto-repeat of messages, when a corresponding Roger is missing should be enough. By the way ‘73’ is not a roger in a minimum QSO, hi! No need to open that discussion as no machine can mimic humans there.


73, Reino OH3mA


PS thanks Tony for clarifying what I tried to say.


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