Locked Re: Worked B4 issue

Reino Talarmo

Hi Bill,

This may be a JTAlert issue (I am not using it myself), but in wsjt-x Colors there are selections ‘New XXXX on Band’. Have you selected those?


73, Reino OH3mA


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Using WSJT-X with JT Alert.  Stations worked B4 show up in JTAlert in Yellow.  I would like to only have stations worked B4 on the band I am using rather than is the current case, it shows as Worked B4 on any band.  In going to JTAlert under Worked B4 tab I see a note: "If the QRG is not set in WSJT-X, and if the decoded Callsign previously worked, regardless of band, it will be flagged as worked B4"  I have been unable to find anything in WSJT-X to set that has anything to do with Frequency or "QRG".  What do I need to do to only see worked B4 on the band I am using.  Been searching for days on this issue.  Thanks Bill

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