locked sticky Re: Error while opening the program: (invalid ADIF header). #IssueReport

Bruce N7XGR

Mattia,  This is a common error message about the ADIF log file.
Locate the ADIF log file and do this,
Find the first line where it says:

WSJT-X ADIF Export<eh>

change it to:

WSJT-X ADIF Export<eoh>

Save the file, restart WSJT-X, and you should be good.

This is from a posting on the WSJT-X group.

Bruce  N7XGR

On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 9:42 AM mattia iu2cgb <mattia24@...> wrote:
I am looking for solution for this error.
wsjt version x 2.2.2.
windows 10 64 bit operating system.
error while opening the program: (invalid ADIF header).
when i open the program i get this error every time i open it.
error photo attached.
Thank you so much.

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