FT4 Roundup?

Patrick Hung

A love for FT4 has been professed by a number of us over these threads during the past few days, but a common problem mentioned is that lack of traffic found in the mode.

I suggest that we set up a time (each week?) to meet on one or two bands, in FT4, and QSO to our hearts' content. Shall we call it the weekly "FT4 Roundup"? If and when the word gets out, traffic on FT4 will naturally grow.

Unfortunately I can only do 15/20/40m for the moment, constricted by what I have for antennas.

I recently came across a quote from K1JT (possibly from the ARRL online newsletter), lamenting the under-usage of FT4. He made a suggestion: when FT8 gets too crowded and one isn't able to complete QSOs, modify one's CQ message to read: CQ (your callsign) FT4; he's been successful with this as others would follow him to FT4 for a QSO... but it may be that folks recognized his callsign. It worked for me a few times, and I've set up "FT4" as a free message alert in JTALERT.

Patrick, W2TAR

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