locked Updating hamlib (was Re: Added complexity when transmitting while multiple WSJT-X instances are running on a station with a shared TX resource with 2.3.0-rc2)

Chuck K4RGN

Speaking of hamlib... 

On advice of W9MDB who assisted me in debugging a problem with WSJT-X last year, I have been using the following fix in hamlib_settings.json:

"config": {
"timeout": "100"
The rig is a Ten-Tec 550 a/k/a Pegasus. In hamlib the Peg is rig code 1601. Standard timeout in hamlib for this rig is 30, and apparently that's insufficient for WSJT-X 2.x when driving the rig directly. (It was sufficient for WSJT-X 1.x.) How do I report this to the hamlib community? Or do I keep this .json file forever? 

By the way, WSJT-X through FLrig won't work at all -- but FLdigi through FLrig works just fine on the Peg. Someday when I have the time, I may circle back to that curiosity. I'd prefer FLrig because it controls RF output power more accurately than adjusting the level of audio output from WSJT-X.

73 Chuck K4RGN

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