locked Re: WSJT-X Keying failure with IC-7300 20% of the time.

John V

Thanks all,  yes connected vial USB only. I tried some of the suggested settings and still had no love, the 20% failure rate really had me puzzled. Sometimes the system would TX fine for several minutes then suddenly there would be no output. I think that by excluding the suggested changes suggested one at a time it lead me to the solution. I changed the 7300 Menu/set/connections/CI-V baud rate from 19200 or Auto to 115200 and made the same change to my logging/radio control SW (HRD) in the chose radio to connect section.  I've tested the changes about 50 times and all seems good now. Not sure why it was unhappy 20% of the time at 19200 or auto but it is not hiccupping at 115200 so I'm happy.  Now I have to readjust all of my audio settings and go activate more rare grids (-; 

Thanks again for the solutions, John NA6L       

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