locked Re: eQSL "Not in my log"

Jeff Stillinger

The bottom line is that it's your log, your rules.   So if you establish that for a entry in your log you must receive a 73 sequence, then that is your rule.   Your log, your station records.  Own it.

My station log for example follows the basic QSO format as outlined in the WSJT-X user guide.  With that said, I won't log someone who just throws a signal report at me for example.   I also make that clear on my QRZ and HamQTH profiles.  If they fade off into the noise, well, better luck next time.   The world won't end because a contact faded into the deep blue sky.

On 11/5/20 10:43 AM, Jon Ermels via groups.io wrote:

Every week or so I get an email from someone saying one of my QSO's aren't in their log. I just go in and delete them.  The only time I log a QSO is when  the log reminder window pops up after I send 73.  I have always done it that way.  A lot of times I never receive a 73 back. What's proper?  Just wait for their 73 and if not within a few cycles just cancel?

73 de N0IGU

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