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Lars Berg

I had the same problem. I tried the DG2YCB clone and the decode problem is gone.




Copy from Uwe:

” - I kept the DX-optimized FT8 and FT4 decoders from previous version 2.2.2.”

The drawback is that it might be some more ghosts, but that I can live with.




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Hi Steve.

Have you tried looking at the Windows ‘event viewer’?

This may give some clues as to whats going on?

Regards – Phil (G0DOR, QTHR)


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I have still not been able to stop 2.2.2 from locking up on my Dell Inspiron Windows 10 machine.  Clearing the screens doesn't work.  I thought there might be a buffer limit.  Tried various power management schemes.  Sometimes it will run for two hours, other times for 15 minutes.  There is no correlation to run time.  When it locks up, the green receive bar stops at the level it was receiving signals so I don't think the audio is disappearing.  Appears to be a software issue of some sort.  Unfortunately, I do not have the extensive IT experience some of you guys have who are able to dig into the brain of their computers to figure this out.  I'm hoping someone with a Dell might be having the same problem and can give me some guidance.  This is making my enjoyment of FT8, etc., dwindle quite rapidly.  Never occurred on Windows 7.  Started right off with my new Windows 10 machine which everyone warned me not to buy.  :)))))))


Steve, N4JQQ



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