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Ron / W4MMP

Hi AL,

Yes, and that is what I have been doing for quite a while.   I name the audio adapter that MSCC accesses to MSCC and the audio adapter that digital applications access to DIGITAL.  The issue presented in this tread is that WSJT-X does not pick up the new name even after reboot but Bill provided a solution to this.  Also as he has mentioned,  the new beta version will not experience this problem since it will enumerate the audio devices every time the audio device list drop down is accessed. 

Ron / W4MMP
On 11/2/2020 10:34, Al Groff via groups.io wrote:

  windows can, and often, does rename sound devices when it does an update.  You can correct the naming ( until the next update ) by renaming the devices in the Manage Audio device ( sounds) window.  ( or even make the names something of your own choosing. )

Then reboot and you should be good until the next major update.  Don't forget to reboot ( restart ) after you make the change.


On 11/1/2020 9:53 AM, Ron / W4MMP via groups.io wrote:

After not operating WSJT-X for a while,  I found one of the Windows updates messed up the sound devices configuration.  The device configurations were fine but the updates messed with the device names. The device names were corrected.
I run an old school audio setup.   Two USB audio adapters wired back to back (adapter-1 speaker to adapter-2 microphone, and reverse for the other microphone and speaker).  Adapter-1 is named MSCC (for the SDR application I run).  Adapter-2 is named DIGITAL.   This adapter is accessed by digital applications (WSJT-X,  fldigi and such).  I do this simply for convenience and my sanity.   The issue is WSJT-X does not pick up the configured name of the device.  It was just a tad confusing because WSJT-X reports adapter-2 as MSCC which is not the name of the adapter.   I have performed all the normal stuff like rebooting the PC and stop/starting WSJT-X a number of times.   So, is this a Windows issue or WSJT-X issue?

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