locked Re: logging to HRD issue

Loren McCullough - WA3WZR

Update and possible solution on my HRD logging issue.  As a recap, I have been using the interface to HRDLog for years and all of a sudden log records were intermittently not being sent to HRDLog.  After having an issue with a website being blocked this week (HRDLOG.net) by Kaspersky, and not finding a way to allow the website functionality, I uninstalled Kasperski and since then every QSO has been logged to HRDLog.  There was no indication of any blocking messages or any reason why only some QSOs were being forwarded to HRDLog.

So I guess this is just a warning to others having this issue that it may be your security software causing the issue.

Loren WA3WZR

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