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Back when I was working, I worked for a CAD company and had some of the company’s tools installed on a W7 laptop with a Linux VM to run the tools. I was touring European cities and the tools worked fine in the hotel, but in the demonstrations they wouldn’t. The license key was cut for the particular laptop and used the Ethernet MAC address. The second time I booted up the laptop on battery, Windows decided to save power by powering off the Ethernet chip, thereby rendering the MAC address unavailable. If I had a proper dual-boot machine Linux may not have done that.


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Windows makes its decisions on power-saving actions like sleep mode based on keyboard and mouse activity. It does not know about activity on serial ports, sound cards, etc.

There are settings that can and should be changed to prevent Windows from putting USB devices to sleep unexpectedly. There is a nice summary at <http://www.dxlabsuite.com/dxlabwiki/PreventUSBPortPowerDown>. These settings changes should be applied on any Windows computer that is being used for real-time amateur radio activities.

Just to add to the above...

I'm in the process of setting up  a new PC to be used for my amateur radio apps including WSJT-X; the PC has a 3GHz i7-9700 8-core CPU with 16G RAM, a 500G SSD and is running Win 10 Pro.  I'd configured the PC to access one of my NAS devices via the Ethernet LAN and began to notice that even though the PC was set to never go to sleep it was losing its connection to the NAS.

I then twigged that the PC's Ethernet network adaptor's properties had the option to allow Windows to turn off the adaptor to save power checked; disabling that option seems to have cured the problem of the loss of access to the NAS.  All I need to do now is sort out all the other aspects of Win 10 that have been frustrating me...  :-)

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