Locked Re: W10 Heads UP

JP Tucson, AZ

Hi Hank,

Thanks for again showing how ms updates ARE THE MALWARE!

NOT JUST for ham radio either! Seems like every few days another tech media outlet tells of horror stories of bricked computers, lost data, etc.

I am still surprised that there has been a major class action lawsuit with a cease & desist order - making ms fully test their "fixes" that only make things much worse.   

The simple fix is to turn off & not accept ms's malware "updates"! 

As I have stated before & others have concurred,  dedicate a computer for ham radio, disallow updates & don't connect that computer to the internet! 

No updates, no internet, no headaches!  Simple - straight forward!

73 - John - N7GHZ

On Thu, Oct 29, 2020, 12:11 AM Hank Pfizenmayer <pfizenmayer@q.com> wrote:
Just a heads  if all of a sudden WSJT audio settings go to pot.  YMMV

This evening I updated to the latest N1MM  file - and a few minutes later - the  WSJT quit working and was reporting audio issues . So I went back one version of N1MM . No difference - WSJT still hosed. SO NOT N!MM.

I also  have a stand alone WSJT  install I use without N1MM -that was hosed as well. An hour of W10 twiddling of the USB codec selections for my K3S and WSJT settings etc resulted in nothing. THEN I looked at latest W10 updates. Found an entire page of so called "successful" KB4023057 updates - one a day from 9/30 thru 10/28 every day !!!!!!! (EVEN THOUGH I HAVE UPDATES ALWAYS DELAYED 7 DAYS ) . Anyhow  after some sleuthing which I wont go into now -I found a way to delete that update (the normal uninstall would not work ) I deleted that update and everything immediately returned to normal .W10 VER 1909

If you Google KB4023057 there are many other issues  that show up in many other ways.  Again YMMV - just  a possibility. I have a second W!0  VER 1909 computer that has this update  (only shows one time instead of a page full ) and it works OK...

Hank K7HP

FWIW Below are also some more error messages that N1MM/WSJT  combo version was showing-I would stil get this error after closing WSJT then N1MM and rebooting computer and re starting N1MM then WSJT

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