Locked W10 Heads UP

Hank P

Just a heads  if all of a sudden WSJT audio settings go to pot.  YMMV

This evening I updated to the latest N1MM  file - and a few minutes later - the  WSJT quit working and was reporting audio issues . So I went back one version of N1MM . No difference - WSJT still hosed. SO NOT N!MM.

I also  have a stand alone WSJT  install I use without N1MM -that was hosed as well. An hour of W10 twiddling of the USB codec selections for my K3S and WSJT settings etc resulted in nothing. THEN I looked at latest W10 updates. Found an entire page of so called "successful" KB4023057 updates - one a day from 9/30 thru 10/28 every day !!!!!!! (EVEN THOUGH I HAVE UPDATES ALWAYS DELAYED 7 DAYS ) . Anyhow  after some sleuthing which I wont go into now -I found a way to delete that update (the normal uninstall would not work ) I deleted that update and everything immediately returned to normal .W10 VER 1909

If you Google KB4023057 there are many other issues  that show up in many other ways.  Again YMMV - just  a possibility. I have a second W!0  VER 1909 computer that has this update  (only shows one time instead of a page full ) and it works OK...

Hank K7HP

FWIW Below are also some more error messages that N1MM/WSJT  combo version was showing-I would stil get this error after closing WSJT then N1MM and rebooting computer and re starting N1MM then WSJT

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