Locked Re: Few decodes after working just fine 30 minutes ago... duh!

Gary - AG0N

On Oct 28, 2020, at 17:48, JP Tucson, AZ <samcat88az@...> wrote:

I having hearing loss & tinnitus, so sitting there listening to that thing squeal just gives me a headache, so I turn down the volume all the way, sound just isn't needed!
As do I. However, there is much information to be had by keeping a close ear to the frequency on receive. Just run it at a very low level. Same for transmit audio if your rig has the capability. Keep the monitor on at a very low level to keep tabs on whether you are transmitting garbage with your signal or not. That’s a sore subject, as if you monitor 40 meters, you’ll likely see multiple signals that are very dirty. There are also any number of stations that transmit a chime or chord EVERY TIME THEIR TRANSMITTER KEYS! So every transmit cycle, they are sending musical notes before any data content is even attempted.

No one says you need to monitor with the audio blasting the speaker. It’s just good operational practice to pay attention to what you are transmitting. Personally, I wear headphones for the purpose. I’m always listening to the transmitted signal, no matter what mode I’m on.

73, Gary - AG0N

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