Locked Re: Running 2radios with one Computer

Bill Somerville

On 28/10/2020 21:51, w1pr@... wrote:
I'm probably overlooking the obvious but I don't understand how to enter the separate radio commands. When I try to use the command from a command line, i.e., C:\>  I get the following:
'wsjtx' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Where should the wsjtx --rig-name=XXX command be entered? Can a shortcut icon be associated with it?

Thanks de Paul - W1PR

Hi Paul,

if you want to start WSJT-X from a CMD shell you can do so like this:

C:\WSJT\wsjtx\bin\wsjtx --rig-name=my-rig

that might be handy from a batch file. To start from a Windows shortcut on your Desktop copy the normal icon installed by WSJT-X, then right click the copy, select Properties, and edit the Target entry in the Shortcut tab to append the --rig-name= option.


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