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Roger (K7GXB)

Thanks Bill & Dave,
FYI: NMEATime2 have added a tech note confirming monotonicity (after rapid one-time start-up correction) to their website:
Roger (K7GXB)

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Changing The Internet Time Update Synchronisation (Default 1 week)

I found my Windows 10 Pro on a new computer was set at 4 hours.
But reading Bill's message it seems that to use all features of WSJTX without losing decodes he recommends setting it for higher accuracy, no big jumps.
It certainly looks easier to use Meinberg!

I guess it really depends on the modes you use, one decode session possibly lost every 4 hours does not seem too bad for quicker modes but becomes more significant on FST4W-1800.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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