Locked Re: "Dimension 4"


Thanks Bill.  Well, I don't think the laptop has any trouble decoding; it lists many decodes and they're consistent with how many sigs I see on the waterfall (or don't see where the snr is very low ;-)  ).  The laptop works well with wsjtx and other software that's very computationally demanding, the only exception is with an SDR software which has one particular feature that's dependent on accurate time taggging of data.  Every once in a while it will skip a time tag because of what I suspect is a MS fractional seconds binning quirk, but that's a different subject for a different group.

I'm satisfied with Meinberg as it keeps my ham radio laptop's clock accurate enough for wsjtx even without an internet connection after several days.  Without Meinberg, the clock would drift by about 2 seconds per day.

Hugo, ve3ktn.

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