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Richard White


Thanks for your reply. I have checked the following and confirmed as indicated. This has to

be an audio problem but I have been unable to find it. Windows 10 is not my friend.

1: USB CODEC always selected under “Settings  - Mode”

2: Getting 30 to 40 on thermometer lower left side screen.

3: checked all connections  computer to Signalink to radio. All appear to be ok.

4: RX level on Signal ink set at about 60 degrees.

5: USB DATA selected on radio, Use DATA plug on back of radio to Signalink.

6: Control sent to 0 db.

7: Microphone Privacy setting set to ON.


NOTE: I live in a Veterans Home. Last week we had 2 staff and 3 Veterans test positive for

the COVID-19 Virus and we are confined to our rooms. I did test negative but they are testing us

every day now.   I am not sure when I will be able to get to my station for any testing with the radio.

Always complications 😊

Thanks for your help. If you have more suggestions I will appreciate them.


From: Bill Somerville
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2020 8:00 PM
To: main@wsjtx.groups.io
Subject: Re: [WSJTX] RX/TX problem


On 22/10/2020 17:52, Richard White wrote:

Set up: FT-450D,  long wire off center fed, 100 watts, no rig control, Signalink USB interface.

I have used WSJTX for over 1 year with no problems until a few months ago. I have set up

the Signalink according to Tigertronics latest instructions at least 6 times, which did not help. 

Problem 1: Unable to receive signals in RX window and waterfall. All settings appear to be correctAnd WSJTX set for audio CODEC on input/output. I can receive signals if I change the input from CODEC to “Realtec Array “

Problem 2: Changing input from CODEC to Realtec Array and copying calls I can click on a call and the op comes back to me. When I receive his reply TX2 or TX3 shows it is replying back to him but it is not keying the radio and the op gets no reply so I lose the call. 

I also am unable to receive  using RTTY. But that is on hold. I think WSJTX and  RTTY  have a audio problem but I can’t find it after looking for 3 months. 

I have a problem getting to my station. I am a WW-2 Navy veteran and living in a Missouri Veterans Home-Mexico (age 94). I live on the 1st floor and my station is on the 3rd floor. Due to the virus  we are on a lockdown mode confined to our floor. I recently got permission to go to my station 2 afternoons a week. It may take several days for me to reply to any information sent to me. Any help appreciated.

 Thanks  KS0M,  Dick  (a ham since 1976)

Hi Dick,

using a SignaLink USB interface the USB Audio Codec devices are the correct devices to select for the WSJT-X "Settings->Audio" input and output devices. If you are not getting any indication of Rx audio input on the thermometer style meter at the bottom left of the WSJT-X main window; then something fundamental is wrong with your audio hook up. Check you connections between the SignaLink USB and your rig. Check you have the Rx level control turned up on the interface. Check you have the rig in USB-DATA mode. Check in the USB Audio Codec recording device properties in Windows that the master level control is set to 0 dB (right-click the slider and select decibels if it is not reading in dB). Check you have allowed WSJT-X to access microphones in the Windows Camera and Microphone Privacy settings.

Once you have Rx audio getting to WSJT-X then set the thermometer style indicator to 30 dB on quite band background noise using the Rx level control on the SignaLink USB interface. Then you can move on to setting up Tx audio.73 Bill


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