locked Re: "Dimension 4"


Bill, your observations about w32tm are interesting (and I just learned something new).  Your statement about running w32tm with default settings, presumably those set as part of the Windows installation, making it a low accuracy SNTP tool implies that parameters can be changed to make it better.  Is that so?  Can you describe what parameters can be changed to improve w32tm operation?  While my laptop is running wsjtx without trouble, its clock tends to glitch every 70 seconds; by that I mean that the time displayed during the glitch will apparently skip a second but it's more a case of the integer seconds "binning" to the nearest value.

Apologies for veering off the original topic of using D4, but it seemed appropriate to comment with my situation.

(BTW, I'm using Meinberg to steer my very drifty laptop's clock and it works quite well but doesn't help with the seconds display binning issue.)


Hugo, ve3ktn.

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