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Tom V. Segalstad


On May 22 this year I contributed this to the Group about the PC clock setting program «Dimension 4»:


In Dimension 4 you MUST open (run) the program, choose «Settings», and answer «yes», to let the program make time changes in your PC.


If not, Dimension 4 will not adjust your PC time clock. This procedure has to be done every time the PC is started or restarted – else it may not adjust your PC clock.


Then check if the time is within +/- 1 second of correct time by RELOADING for instance www.time.is


If the PC time is not good enough, right click the Dimension 4 icon on the PC’s lower right command line, and select «Syncronize now». After some seconds (at least some 10 seconds on my PC), RELOAD www.time.is again, and check if the PC’s clock has changed to an acceptable time. If still not good, repeat this procedure, until the PC clock’s time is acceptable.


I have used Dimension 4 this way for many years, without problems.


73 from Tom (LA4LN)



Fra: Gary - AG0N
Sendt: søndag 25. oktober 2020 kl. 18.18
Til: main@WSJTX.groups.io
Emne: Re: [WSJTX] RX Window blank, Waterfall full and radio shows large activity


> On Oct 25, 2020, at 06:29, KI5EGH via groups.io <KI5EGH@...> wrote:
> Thank you all.  Have checked the items you recommended ( I use dimension 4 for clock sync) and am still having the issue.

I haven’t used it in years, but have been told that D4 does NOT sync your clock.  It merely tells you how far off it is.  Meinberg or BkTimeSync are good.  Not saying this has a thing to do with the reported problem, but since you brought up the clock ……….

73, Gary - AG0N


Tom (LA4LN)

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