locked Re: Unable to decode FST4W-300 locally on 40m and 30m

Alan G4ZFQ


Testing conditions:
* The distance between TX and RX was about 10 meters
This does seem close, if both were connected to dummy loads there would still be ample signal pickup.

Result of FST4W-300:
* On 7.0388MHz + 1536Hz: undecodable
* On 10.1389MHz + 1536Hz: undecodable
Frequency drift of FT-891?
With a recommended maximum of 0.56Hz for -300 this is quite possible.

The HF+ is quite stable in the short term when warmed up. Using software like Spectrum Lab you can monitor frequency very precisely.

I am not convinced there is any need to use FST4W on the higher frequencies but there may be times that there is an advantage.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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