locked Re: RX Window blank, Waterfall full and radio shows large activity

Jim Bennett <w6jhb@...>

Mike - interesting that you posted this. Last night I turned on my rig to let my 12 year old son hear the difference between CW and digital/FT8 signals - he is studying for his ticket. I’ve been using a different radio (K1SWL’s Phaser) on a different computer for a month or so - this was the first time in many weeks that I had fired up my “big rig”.

I had the same issue as you - lots of stuff in the waterfall but instead of lots of decodes, I only got one or two every decode session. Computer clock was spot on. I made sure nothing else was running on the computer. No change. Upgraded to the current version of WSJT-X, as I was a couple behind. No change. So then I did the low tech approach - I re-booted my computer. Bingo - all working fine now. Who knows what got screwed up in the depths of those micro chips, but a re-boot cured it.

Give that a shot - couldn’t hurt....

Jim Bennett / W6JHB
Folsom, CA

On Oct 25, 2020, at 5:50 AM, Komkit Listisard via groups.io <w3kit@...> wrote:

If your signal is in the middle between the green lines then issue may be somewhere else like other have suggested.

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