locked Re: RX Window blank, Waterfall full and radio shows large activity


Hi Mike,

On 25.10.2020 13.10, KI5EGH via groups.io wrote:
FT8 has been working fine then on occasion the RX screen would be blank and then start to populate.  Now it is blank all the time.  The waterfall in WSJTX shows heavy activity and I can hear it in the radio.  The decode button flashes but still nothing in the RX window.  I have downloaded the latest version, followed the YouTube videos for setup with the IC-7300 again and even checked all the security/firewall settings to ensure WSJTX is authorized through.

I am lost.  Any help out there?

You may have "Start new period decodes at top" selected in "File" => "Settings" "General" -tab.

Try disabling that.

73's de Kari, oh2gqc

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