locked Re: CFOM mode on higher EMEfrequencies with K3S

Bill Somerville

On 24/10/2020 13:29, Jan Kappert wrote:
Hi Bill,
I guess so, the setup is not with me, but at my friends to prepare for 24Ghz.
During rx he reads 10.368.020, which is 020kHz on 3cm band.
And during the rx period the doppler is changing the last figures, which should be the case for tx as well.

Br. Jan, PAoPLY

Hi Jan,

the first thing to check, and any K3 or K3S user can do this, is if the basic CAT capability needed works. A simple test using a regular FT8 setup for HF can be used. Ensure "Settings->General->Allow Tx frequency changes while transmitting" is checked and that "Settings->Radio->Split Operating->Rig" is checked. Then with the "Pwr" slider reduced to minimum click "Tune" to go to Tx and then Ctrl+click on the waterfall more than 500 Hz away from the current Tx offset (red goal post marker) while observing the rig. The Tx VFO (VFOB) should change. Click "Tune" again to revert to Rx mode.


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