Locked RX/TX problem

Richard White

Set up: FT-450D,  long wire off center fed, 100 watts, no rig control, Signalink USB interface.

I have used WSJTX for over 1 year with no problems until a few months ago. I have set up

the Signalink according to Tigertronics latest instructions at least 6 times, which did not help.


Problem 1: Unable to receive signals in RX window and waterfall. All settings appear to be correct

And WSJTX set for audio CODEC on input/output.

I can receive signals if I change the input from CODEC to “Realtec Array “


Problem 2: Changing input from CODEC to Realtec Array and copying calls I can click

on a call and the op comes back to me. When I receive his reply TX2 or TX3 shows it is replying

back to him but it is not keying the radio and the op gets no reply so I lose the call.


I also am unable to receive  using RTTY. But that is on hold. I think WSJTX and  RTTY  have a

audio problem but I can’t find it after looking for 3 months.


I have a problem getting to my station. I am a WW-2 Navy veteran and living in a Missouri

Veterans Home-Mexico (age 94). I live on the 1st floor and my station is on the 3rd floor. Due to

the virus  we are on a lockdown mode confined to our floor. I recently got permission to go to my

station 2 afternoons a week. It may take several days for me to reply to any information sent

to me. Any help appreciated.


Thanks  KS0M, 

Dick  (a ham since 1976)


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