locked Re: Why no auto updating of logs?

Anthony Luscre

LOG4OM v2 works well and is free.

LOGic 9 from PDA is a commercial product that also works well

On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 9:46 AM Pete Ritter via groups.io <cpritter=verizon.net@groups.io> wrote:
Why does wsjt-x not include automatic logging to LoTW, QRZ, etc?  I suppose the answer is "because there are other apps that do that so why expend the effort?".  That's a reasonable answer but the other apps can be tricky to configure, have large footprints, and have features that many of us would never use.  It couldn't be difficult for wsjt-x developers to include support for at least the LoTW APIs. 

I don't expect it to happen and as I said I believe that's reasonable. So what is the best option for a simple, low-frills logging app that plays nicely with wsjt-x?

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