locked Re: Transmit light comes on but no tones being transmitted

Clint Turner

I have observed what may be this same bug in WSPR and FST4(W) transmissions:  The radio will go into transmit, but no audio will be produced.

An important clue:  If one has CWID enabled (I have it set to 1 minute) the CWID will occur at the beginning of the transmit period - and then nothing else, implying a sequencing issue in the code that was not present in a previous version.  This bug is very annoying in the longer (300, 900, 1800) second modes!

If one is quick, one can toggle the "TX Next" button and/or the TX enable button and cause the transmission to occur normally - but this his hit and miss.

Eventually, transmission will commence normally on subsequent TX periods.

Clint, KA7OEI

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