locked Re: Small enhancement request

Bill Somerville

On 21/10/2020 16:27, Jim Leder \(Hotmail\) wrote:
Hello Bill,

I know ESC and F4 does this function, but it would be nice to have a on screen button to do it. Not a big deal, but SEEMS simple enough to implement.


73 ... Jim K8CXM
Hi Jim,

F4 and ESC are not quite the same, ESC abandons the current QSO as well.

Why do you need a button? I ask because simply double-clicking a decoded standard message will set up for a new QSO partner. What is gained by blanking out the old messages? Note also the "Settings->Reporting->Clear DX call and grid after logging" also clears the DX Call, Grid, and generated messages when you press the OK button to log a QSO.


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