Re: No decode in 2.2.2 after upgrade from 2.1

Bill Somerville

On 18/10/2020 13:43, jdpmail wrote:
HI Reino,
Thanks for the reply.  I use Dimension for my time sync.
So more information since original post.
I was trying to use my Multus Proficio SDR for the rig. It had been working well with 2.1
I switched to my IC-7300(always trying to think of another way to trouble shoot) and and installed 2.2.2 and it works fine.( I am using HRD for rig control)
So I suspect my issue is with the audio of the SDR.
Thanks for your help.
Hi Jim,

that SDR only has I/Q output, are you using their SDR console application for demodulation?

Check that there is not excessive latency delivering Rx audio to WSJT-X, you can do a rough check by looking at the times signals appear to start on the WSJT-X waterfall.


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