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Bob, I've had some luck on 14.078 and other bands by
adding 0.002 to the those ending .076. No guarantees but
the 20m band was quite active yesterday. I worked K1JT!
It's hard to get the gurus to settle on a freq, and the QRM
doesn't help. For example, there's a powerful commercial
station on 10.130 around midnight zulu +/- 2 h.
~jess, AF5X
PS: Sorry you weren't the winner.

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WSJTX Folks,

I know and use 30M 10.130 and 160M 1.839.5 MHz.

But is there a list of popular dial frequencies for 80 and
40M? And
are there frequencies I could be leaving WSJTX run on
during the day
for 20-10M?

I have not found a list anywhere but then I certainly could
missed it.


Bob W1XT Surprise, AZ (No I'm not the Arizona
person who won the


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