Locked Revision 2786

Steinar LA5VNA

Hi all

Her is a new one from Joe

LA5VNA Steinar
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From: Joe Taylor, K1JT

Revision 2786 of the experimental program WSJT-X has been posted. As
usual, a link to it appears on the WSJT web site:


The following is a direct link to the installation file:


Changes from yesterday's r2783 are minor, but may be important to you.

1. In r2783, the companion program jt9.exe (started automatically when
you start WSJT-X) was a CPU hog for no good reason. This was an
oversight on my part, and the bug has been corrected.

2. The program should now run correctly if installed in a directory
whose name contains embedded spaces. (Under Vista and Win7, however,
it's still not a good idea to install WSJT-X into
C:\Program Files, because of restricted write permissions there.)

3. In r2783 and earlier, stopping a transmission by toggling to "Auto
OFF" would terminate Tx audio and release PTT almost simultaneously,
possibly hot-switching your T/R relay(s). This has been corrected so
that proper sequencing takes place.

-- 73, Joe, K1JT

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