locked Re: Confused, need help

Bill Somerville

On 05/10/2020 19:18, David wrote:
I haven't used WSJT-X for a year. I hooked everything up as I have done before, same computer and other equipment, and used version 1.8. Rig control worked fine, waterfall showed signals, I can see the monitor button is on, and I see the decode button flash after reception, but nothing appears in the band activity window. Okay, decided I might as well update to 2.2 and loaded that one. Great news, band activity and decode is back, but no rig control. Both configurations are exactly the same. I can send PSK31 using Ham Radio Deluxe without a problem. Suggestions?  WIN10
Hi David,

more than a Year I think ;)

I assume you are monitoring FT8 mode, WSJT-X v2 introduced a breaking change to the FT8 protocol which is why your older version refused to decode.

The latest versions of WSJT-X on Windows require a little extra one-time setup of Tx audio levels. Checkout this post for a recipe for doing that:



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