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Joe Burnham <wd4kav@...>

Most likely someone has not set up jtalert to send its announcements to the system speakers, so they are going out the isb audio codes port to the radio.

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The same thing happens to me  only to find its my wife nagging me.....

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I have heard the same, but it’s a female voice repeating ‘CQ’. It’s clearly automated

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> OK guys and gals, I got one for ya. Working FT8, periodically at the tail end of a decode cycle, I hear a voice. This voice is always the same one, it is male, and it says the same thing. "He's Ahead". It has no other pattern other than what I have already detected and stated. It does occur more often at the end of an even time slot, but it has occurred at the end of both odd and even. Has anyone else heard it?
> 73
> Mike

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