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Hello John.

What an interesting post. Reading through I decided to reply. Because being blind I listen to a speech interpretation of the call and grid. Believe me there have been times when I have thought I was going mad because people don't use the right character and it just doesn't sound right..

I would love to cross reference as you do. I shall have to look up how I can do that.

Then I read that you were calling sympathy for them as they might be blind. What a misunderstanding and patronising statement. As stated above. We would hear such errors a lot quicker than sighted people can see them. After all, Microsoft put scribbly lines under spelling mistakes to draw the eye to it. Of course, we do in fact require sighted support. But they are more likely be motivated to  do a good job. A lot of us are touch typist so if I want a digit one my brain immediately translates this as little finger left hand. The letter 'i' is middle finger right hand. Such errors are unlikely to be made by touch typists.

I would certainly want to put an error right should it be drawn to my attention and would not want to be let off because I am blind. As you point out, it may pick up an error during transmission. So a little courtesy goes a long way. Empower those making  such errors to put them right. My achievements are my achievements from playing by the same rules as everyone else as far as possible. 

Thanks for raising this issue.


On 28 Sep 2020, at 17:50, John - AI4FR <ai4fr@...> wrote:

If you’ve done the FT modes for more than a day then there is a high probability that your log contains inaccurate information. On this end I try really hard to keep an accurate log.
I’ve sent thousands of emails asking for clarification. Folks are making QSO’s using their wrong QTH or call sign.
For example, I’ve seen folks calling CQ stating they are in say EN65 when in fact they are in EM65. I make a note to look at LOTW to learn for sure where they are at but their upload to LOTW states they were in EL88 at the time of the QSO. So which is correct? What they gave over the air, what they uploaded, or where the FCC has been told they are at? 95 out of 100 times it is their FCC address thus making what they uploaded and stated over the air incorrect. About 20% of my emails get answered and the other ham is apologetic and nice about it as the mistake is on their end. The other 80%?? Who knows? Probably has the wrong email address posted since they do not know where their QTH is or what their call sign is. Today I received an email reply from a ham in England. I have him in the log several times with an IO91 grid but he was calling CQ stating JO01. He apologized and stated the correct grid is IO91.
I’ve seen folks use an O(oh) in place of a zero in their call, such as aaOaa instead of AA0AA.
I’ve seen folks add letters to their call sign such as AA0AA turns into AA0AAA or AA0AAAA or AAA0AA.
When I could send off JTAlert text’s one US station in EM50 who I have in the log several times was calling CQ stating he was in EL50. I sent a text and he assured me he was in EL50. I replied that EL50 puts you in Mexico and was he sure that was correct? He never replied back but kept calling CQ EL50 and continued to make QSO’s. His LOTW upload of course states EM50. So what is correct? What the guy was stating over the air and later confirmed via JTAlert or what he uploaded?
I have a number of these stories but in the interest of space I’ll stop here. I am sad to report that US hams are the worst by a margin of 20 to 1 if not better for all of the above.
Sometimes folks are in rover mode, or they are operating remote in which the transmitting station is in another state. These stations usually have the correct info in their uploads but not always. They will upload as the transmitted signal was from their QTH when in fact it was actually from an entirely different state. A few hams are spot on perfect, when they are in rover mode, camping, etc. both their on air QTH info and their uploads match. Sadly, these folks are a rare exception.
We often don’t know the condition of the other ham. Maybe the ham is blind and relies on someone else to enter the correct info.
Folks please check your settings. Both what you are transmitting and what you are uploading. Trust me, if you have done the FT modes for more than a day your log has incorrect info in it. This problem is prevalent out there.
John / AI4FR


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