locked Re: Tired of Windows Updates!! - Does Linux maintain the audio settings?

Ken Arck AH6LE

I've been running WJSTx on a Pi3 with no issues...


At 03:40 PM 9/22/2020, you wrote:

If you go this route, most definitely get a Raspberry Pi 4 with at least 4GB of RAM (they go up to 8 now, but it sounds like that might be overkill).   If you plan on running something like Gridtracker or multitasking (browsing the internet) that's going to take a lot of graphic resources, so you might need to go a different route in that case.

But for the most part, a Pi 4 should work!
On 9/22/20 2:06 PM, Hirokik via groups.io wrote:
 I may have the cheapest, though stable and reliable as any, dedicated WSJT-X system.
I use a Raspberry Pi (about $40). To run FT8, WSPR etc with my IC-7610, all I need is a USB A to USB B cable. The sound card is built in in the 7610. To run the same on my KX2 I use a cheap USB external sound card and two stereo cables along with a CAT cable that came with the KX2.
If you are thinking of a dedicated WSJT-X, you may like to consider this route.
Hiroki AH6CYÂ
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On Monday, September 21, 2020, d_ziolkowski <dan.ziolkowski@...> wrote:
I have two laptops running Linux, one is a Dell, the other is HP. Both machines are low end , ie cheap.

Win 10 crawled on them, Ubuntu runs well.Â


On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 3:21 PM John <jonie41@...> wrote:
I agree with Bill. So many folks build their own computers that no two home
built home computer is the same. Most folks are on a budget so folks will
endevor to get the biggest bang for their buck don't realize that that bargain
super performance video card quite likely is counterfeit and the official
drivers may not be 100% functional with that card thus causing trouble down the
digital road. Now I'm not saying that everyone should buy a name brand computer,
I'm saying that one should us name brand components to build their computer.

Here is a question for the group, how many of you folks jumping to Linux are
using a brand name laptop, I'm willing to bet a six pack the number will be
quite small.

I had my desk top built by the now defunct NCIX, I listed the parts I wanted in
it, they built and configured it, I install every update that comes out, never
had a problem with Win 10 updates.


> ---------- Original Message ----------
> From: Bill Somerville <g4wjs@... >
> Date: September 21, 2020 at 10:36 AM
> Steve,
> it should be obvious that the differences between individual systems are
> down to different hardware, and related drivers. For example some USB to
> serial adapters have unique serial numbers that can be read by the
> driver, this allows the COM port device number to be tied to a specific
> device, even if there are device driver updates. Other types are
> indistinguishable by the drivers so their relationship with an assigned
> COM port device number is tenuous at best, those types are very likely
> to be reassigned when drivers involved with them are updated. The same
> applies to USB audio devices. Basically things that are "hot-pluggable"
> can be liable to these reassignments during system and driver software
> updates.
> 73
> Bill
> G4WJS.
> On 21/09/2020 14:18, Steven Rutledge wrote:
> > On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 08:42 PM, Jim - N4ST wrote:
> >
> >     Same here, Bob.
> >
> >     I have been running Windows 10 since it came out and auto install
> >     all updates as they become available.
> >
> >     I have very rarely had to adjust my sound levels.
> >
> >     I run a full suite of ham software as well as audio
> >     recording/playback software at the same time across a couple
> >     different computers.
> >
> >     I know that is not helpful information for those folks that are
> >     having problems, but I’m just not seeing it here.
> >
> > There are a lot of smart people on this forum.  Not me.  :))) Someone
> > must be able to eventually pinpoint the reason some of us have severe
> > problems with Windows 10 updates and others, like Jim, N4ST, do not. 
> > There must be SOME setting or configuration that is causing this, good
> > and bad.
> >
> > Steve, N4JQQ
> >
> >     __________
> >
> >     73,
> >
> >     Jim – N4ST
> >

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