locked my attempt to reply to message# 16555 relative to RR73 vs RRR

Jerome Sodus

Hello Bill G4WJS,

I hope this attempt to reach you works as I really want to understand what I should be doing. 

I'm truly a FT8 newbie (only two QSOs from Pennsylvania; the first one to Portugal and the second to the USA midwest).
Used a Magnetic-Loop-Antenna at 5W on 20m and sited outside.
But no chance to do any more operating because the Portugal QSO so impressed me that I've sent my MagLoop back to PreciseRF to be upgraded to their auto-tune model.
So, in the meantime, I am struggling to make sense of this conundrum "RRR vs RR73". 
My QSOs happened so fast and my being so new, there is a good chance that I may not have done what was expected.
I see from the second QSO that WSJT-X has put TX4 at "....RR73".
Based on my readings of this thread and your comment in #16555, it should have been RRR.
But, if that reading is correct, how do I make it RRR?

TIA for any help.
73 Jerry KM3K

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