Locked Re: Dimension 4 (or any other) Timekeeping

g3wdg <charlie@...>

Hi Andy

Yes, this will work for the beacon, but not for QSOs where both periods
are used.

I looked at my pc clock drift and making the assumption that this is at a
constant rate, set my Dimension 4 to only update when I thought the drift
might be excessive (somewhat arbitrarily +/- 0.2s). The chances then of it
coinciding with a critical decode are quite small, and worst case you
would only lose one period.



> Thinking about this the answer is simple. I just accepted the
default 30
minute resync period, but there is a button to "force a resync now'
If I do that during an odd minute, all future 30 minute intervals will
be on odd minutes.
So the even minutes when the beacon source is sending QRA64 data will not
be corrupted.

Simples !


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